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Car Accident AttorneyIt looks like Toyota Motor Corporation has added to its list of woes with the 2010 Prius Hybrid. The Prius, the best-selling hybrid car in the world, is known for being environmentally friendly, offering owners better performance and lower gas mileage. However, the Prius has been the subject of recent investigations by both Japanese and US governmental agencies for its faulty brakes. The regenerative brake system is what makes hybrid cars perform better while using less fuel. Toyota Prius owners have complained that the brakes fail to work properly when driving over a slippery surface, pothole or road bump.

Amidst falling stock prices and a product recall for defective gas pedals, the issue with Prius defective brakes is under scrutiny by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). In a press release yesterday by the NHTSA, the organization announced it would be investigating the safety of the Prius. Faulty brakes in the Prius have been the cause of at least four auto accidents, two of which have resulted in personal injuries. The NHTSA has also received at least 124 complaints from consumers about the defective Prius brakes.

Help for California Toyota Hybrid Owners

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