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Auto AccidentSeeing a need for an analysis of the cause and prevention of motorcoach crashes, the Department of Transportation (DOT) has produced a Motorcoach Safety Action Plan. The DOT, along with the Federal Motor Carrier Trade Association and the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, hope to decrease the number of fatalities, injuries and crashes by addressing areas of concern.

In essence, the Safety Action Plan has the following recommendations:

  • Install recording devices on motorcoaches to manage driver fatigue.
  • Monitor drivers including drug and alcohol testing, and institute knowledge guidelines.
  • Prohibit texting and limit cell phone use by drivers.
  • Require passengers to wear seat belts on motorcoaches.
  • Study roof crush scenarios and rollover events. Find solutions to increase the prevention of these events, including tire and other maintenance issues.
  • Enforce regulations for carrier rule compliance.

The National Transportation Safety Board issued a call to action in a press release for new safety guidelines after a 2005 fatal accident involving a motorcoach and semi-truck. It was determined that the driver of the truck fell asleep, blocked the road, and the oncoming motorcoach driver did not see the semi truck until it was too late. Had the vehicles been equipped with equipment to monitor a driver’s performance and a collision warning system, the tragedy may have been avoided.

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