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San Bernardino Bicycle Accident Attorney

San Bernardino Bicycle Accident Attorneys Working Hard for Injured Bicyclists

Bicycle AccidentBicyclists know that our local streets and highways are some of the most dangerous in the country. They invest hundreds of dollars in helmets, reflective clothing, lighting for their bikes and other safety equipment so that drivers notice them while they are riding. However, the best bike safety equipment on the market offers little protection from a negligent driver at the wheel of a vehicle weighing thousands of pounds. When a vehicle strikes a bicyclist, it usually results in very serious and often fatal injuries for the rider. Drivers who fail to notice riders and turn in front of them cause the vast majority of bicycle accidents here in San Bernardino County and across the country. If you have suffered injury due to a negligent driver and have questions about your legal options, call us today to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

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Collisions Are the Most Common, But Not the Only Type of Bicycle Accidents

When we hear about a bicycle accident, we naturally assume that it involved a vehicle colliding with a rider, and sadly, we’re usually correct. These collisions are the most common and dangerous types of bike accidents and usually result in the rider sustaining very serious injuries. However, there are other types of bicycle accidents that can also result in very serious injuries and leave injured riders with little choice but to seek damages from the at-fault party. Some of these other types include:

  • Accidents from equipment failure: When a part of a bicycle fails due to a manufacturing defect, a design defect or a failure to warn, the injured rider may have a valid product liability claim against the manufacturer, the distributor, the vendor who sold the bike or the shop that supplied and installed the defective part.
  • Accidents caused by poor road or trail conditions: If poor road or trail conditions such as large holes in the pavement, loose gravel, road work and other hazards are present and unprotected, or there are no warnings posted about these hazardous conditions and they lead to an accident, they may be grounds for litigation.
  • Accidents caused by poor route markings and/or traffic directing during an event: In organized bike rides and races, routes must be clearly marked and all traffic must be directed to protect riders and spectators. If a rider suffers injury due to poor markings or lax safety measures, a skilled San Bernardino bicycle accident attorney can pursue damages against the at-fault parties.

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