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San Bernardino Bus Accident Attorney

Why You Should Hire Us as Your San Bernardino Bus Accident Attorney

Bus Accident Lawyer LAThere are many San Bernardino bus accident attorneys out there helping injured people seek damages against negligent drivers and bus companies. Why should you choose us to represent you? You should choose us for a wide range of reasons both practical and personal. Here are some of these reasons:

We have years of experience helping clients with cases involving vehicular accidents of all kinds. Over the years, we have used many different resources to build effective cases for clients such as expert witnesses, accident reconstruction specialists and others on a case-by-case basis to help our clients receive damages. Bus accident cases can be quite complex and involve many factors. Our experience has been a huge part of our clients’ success in these cases.

Attention to detail
Sometimes the smallest detail can make all the difference in a client’s a case. We consider every piece of information while preparing and presenting a case and pursue any opportunity to help our clients receive the fair and just compensation they deserve. If a bus company or bus driver was negligent, we explore every opportunity to prove this negligence and build the strongest case possible.

A proven record of success
We have a proven record of success building effective cases for clients, and we believe that our decision to handle each case personally is a big part of this success. From the first consultation to long after the settlement or court award is received, our clients know that they can rely on us.

Exceptional service and support
We know and understand the many difficulties our clients face. They face challenges that go far beyond the injuries they have suffered. There are also emotional, psychological and financial challenges from which they suffer through no fault of their own. That’s why we go above and beyond to assist them in any way we can with cash advances, doctor referrals, rental car assistance and anything else we can do to help them through this difficult period of their lives.

Contact Us Today
If you or a close family member has experienced injury in a bus accident and you have questions about your case and legal options, call Law Office of Samer Habbas at 888-848-5084 or fill out a contact form for a fast response. We take our responsibilities as San Bernardino bus accident lawyers very seriously and work very hard to help each client receive the maximum possible compensation for his or her injuries. Don’t sign away your rights to seek compensation. Before you sign anything offered by the bus company, their insurance company or their legal representatives, contact us so that we can review it first. Call us today, and put our experience and skills to work on building an effective case for you.


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