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A local court has handed down a sentence for a man convicted of paying two hit men to attack his pregnant girlfriend.

According to press reports from KTLA Los Angeles, 22-year-old Jaime Solis Olmos faces 25 years to life after the court found him guilty of one count of conspiracy to commit murder and another count of attempted murder.

According to the reports, Olmos paid the two men $500 each to attack his girlfriend, Justina Cornejo, in Newbury Park in January of 2008. The motive, according to police, was the intent to harm the unborn child since Cornejo had indicated she was not going to get an abortion.

The child was unharmed and is now a healthy two-year-old boy, but the reverberations from this incident remain part of the big picture of how pregnant women can face unique threats to their lives from enraged men who bear the responsibility of being a biological father.

Police say the hit men punched Cornejo in the face twice, and, though she survived the incident, this kind of event is likely to generate different types of physical trauma including brain injury. Any blunt attack to the head involves a major risk of brain injury, and attacks like this often result in concussions or worse harm to the cranium. People who have taken blows to the head often undergo subsequent medical exams to find out whether they have trauma related injuries, and many victims hire brain injury lawyers to represent their cases in civil courts, regardless of the outcome in criminal court.

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