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When you go to your deposition for your personal injury lawsuit, you should keep certain things in mind if you are claiming mental and emotional injuries. An Irvine personal injury attorney can help you prepare to make the strongest case you can.

The deposition is not where cases are won…

It is important that you not appear to be a biased advocate in your own case; your answers should appear credible and objective. If you come across as too personally involved and too focused on winning, you will not look good in the eyes of the defendants, and they may not want to deal with you. You don’t want to be too lawyer-like and come across as if everything you say is obviously correct and everything the defendants say is obviously wrong; that’s the job of your Irvine personal injury attorney. You should simply state the facts.

So even though it might hurt, you should be willing to concede points that you know are truthful even if they harm your case. The deposition is not where you can “win” your case, as no verdict or judgment is handed down at this stage.

…But it is where some are lost

However, you run the risk of doing serious damage to your case if you give false testimony or say something that can be impeached as inconsistent. You might even lose your entire case and give the defense all the ammo they need if you are not truthful.

If you are not sure how to tell your story in the best way without doing fatal damage to your case, you will benefit from the guidance of an Irvine personal injury attorney. An experienced attorney knows what common pitfalls and mistakes in depositions are. Contact Irvine personal injury attorney Samer Habbas at (888) 848-5084 for a free consultation.