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Depending on the specific facts of your personal injury claim, either your Orange County personal injury lawyer or the opposing attorney may decide that a video deposition may be the best option. A video deposition is simply a testimony that is recorded on tape instead of being recorded by a stenographer.

Video Deposition

While both types of depositions will attempt to elicit similar information from you regarding the facts of the case, a video deposition will require you to be more cognizant of how you act, your body language and anything else that may be captured on tape and replayed during trial to the judge and jury. As such, it is imperative that you keep the following tips in mind during your video deposition.

Look Directly Into the Camera

Since the recording of your deposition will no doubt be replayed in court, it is important for you to look directly into the camera when talking. When you look into the camera, you are in essence looking the jury in the eyes when talking. Generally, jury members are more sympathetic to individuals who make eye contact because it portrays them as more confident in what they are saying.

When Pointing to an Object, Make Sure the Camera Follows You

If you are pointing to an object or an exhibit while answering a question or explaining a concept, you need to make sure the camera shows the object or exhibit you are referring to and then turns back to you. Otherwise, the judge and jury will not see what you are referring to during your testimony.

Speak Up About How You Feel

If you are not comfortable, you will not be able to give an effective and successful testimony. As such, you should speak your mind about what you need by either asking your own Orange County personal injury lawyer or the opposing lawyer.

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