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Your Irvine personal injury lawyer will counsel you that an expression of sadness at your deposition is not only okay, but in fact is quite appropriate. You, as the plaintiff, may feel that crying or “breaking down” is a negative.  Nothing could be further from the truth.

How should I act?

Personal injury lawyer-Samer habbasIf you have been severely traumatized and have become depressed as a result of that trauma, it is expected that you will act depressed and perhaps cry, if appropriate, at your deposition. All too often an Irvine personal injury lawyer sees cases where plaintiffs appear to lack credibility because as they describe symptoms associated with depression, they fail to show any of those signs of depression at the deposition.

But what if this is painful for me?

Of course it will be, but it is necessary for you to let down your guard, relive the trauma and appear vulnerable. You must answer questions from the “sad and painful zone” that you experienced during the trauma and have experienced during dark moments subsequent to the trauma.

How will my testimony be received?

If you can testify from the heart rather than only the mind, it will be more likely that the opposing counsel will be impressed and believe your psychological pain. The practical reality is that if the defense realizes your emotional and mental issues are real, your case will be much more likely to settle for a reasonable value and you will avoid the further trauma of a public trial.

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