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motor vehicle accidentsThere are millions of motor vehicle accidents each year on our roads and highways. These accidents result in more than 30,000 deaths and 100,000 injuries annually. In the majority of these accidents, the focus is often on driver negligence. However, other causes, such as bad road design, can also account for a small but still significant amount of these accidents.


Common Types of Bad Road Design and Conditions


The state and federal government has enacted laws that strictly regulate the construction of roads. However, despite these strict laws, errors still occur on these often huge projects. Below are some examples of bad road design and conditions that can result in motor vehicle accidents:


  • Blind curves. A blind curve is a curve or bend that you are unable to see as you come around. If another car is traveling at a high speed from the opposite direction and is in the wrong lane, a head-on collision may almost be inevitable.
  • Poorly banked road. It is natural to incline or bank towards the inside of a turn as you go around a bend. If the surface of the road is not inclined or banked at a certain angle towards the inside of the turn, the centripetal force can cause your speeding car to fly off the road.
  • Roads with narrow shoulders. A shoulder is a part of the side of the road that is typically kept clear of any vehicles. If a road does not have a standard wide shoulder, it can develop uneven deformations at the pavement edge and make it a hotbed for accidents.
  • Poor roadside landscaping. Good road design naturally includes good roadside landscaping. If a road does not have proper roadside landscaping, it can result in vision obstructions and other problems that can contribute to accidents.
  • Faded or missing road signs. Road signs are important road safety tools and traffic management. The provide motorists with important road information. Faded or missing road signs can cause serious accidents on the road.


If you believe that you or a loved one was injured in an accident that was caused by faulty road design, you may be entitled to compensation. These cases can be complicated and takes the assistance of an Orange County personal injury attorney, who specializes in handling road design defect cases, to successfully claim.

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