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Bus Accident AttorneyThe Orange County Register reports that a Mission Viejo school bus crash that occurred Tuesday morning, March 24, 2009, has resulted in no injuries. According to the Register, at 7:30 a.m., a car collided with a school bus near Mission Viejo High School. California Highway Patrol is currently investigating the accident.Although no one was injured in this crash, that good fortune is not always the case in a bus accident. Bus accidents like the one in Mission Viejo injure over 1,300 people in California each year.

The size of buses creates conditions which favor injury. The average school bus weighs approximately 24,000 pounds, almost six times heavier than a personal car. The likelihood that a vehicle will cause injury on impact rises dramatically once the bus achieves any kind of speed on the roadways.

Adding to the danger of injury, most school buses do not have seat belts or other safety restraints. When a collision occurs, the passengers are likely to be thrown about the interior by the force of impact. Blunt trauma, concussions and similar injuries are very common in bus accidents. In a worse-case scenario, a passenger can be ejected from the bus on impact, which increases the chances for serious injury exponentially.

Fortunately, everyone involved at Mission Viejo accident seems to have weathered the incident without injury. If you have any questions regarding bus accidents that cause injury, auto injury accidents or related issues, please contact Irvine Personal Injury Attorneys at the Law Offices of Samer Habbas.