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Personal injury attorney lawyer

A good Orange County personal injury attorney should be prepared to advise his personal injury clients of the tax consequences of a settlement or money damages awarded in a jury verdict. In order to determine whether the settlement is subject to taxation, the key question is whether the parties have set forth the amount that […]

Personal injury attorney lawyer

Although insurance companies usually want to get claims settled quickly, there are some cases where the insurer has an interest in stonewalling your personal injury claim, because benefits delayed are benefits denied. By dragging out a claim for months or even years before agreeing to a settlement, insurance companies may seek to frustrate the claimant […]

Personal Injury Attorney

Most of the money you receive from an Orange County personal injury claim goes towards your medical care. Your medical care thus affects the amount of money you will receive for your case. The medical records that accumulate over the course of your medical treatment are used when evaluating your settlement and are used to […]

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Avoid Misleading Answers. Even when technically correct, an answer that a judge or jury will consider misleading can injure your credibility in the eyes of the court. Orange County personal injury attorneys can attest that this is true both at deposition and at trial. (Remember that your deposition testimony can be used, often, at the trial […]

Insurance Policy
  • October 2012
  • By Samer Habbas, Esq
  • In Insurance,

When they are evaluating how much to offer to you pay for bodily injury claims, insurance adjusters consider many factors and aspects of each individual case. The primary one is the relationship among the following factors: the accident that is alleged to have caused the injury, the injury itself, and medical records that document the […]


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