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Hire Right Elder Abuse Attorney

Most people think that only people living in substandard nursing homes are subject to elder abuse. It is also common belief that most abusers of the elderly are strangers, not family members. These are two of the most common myths surrounding elder abuse. In reality, most abused elderly individuals suffer harm at the hands of […]

Hire Right Elder Abuse Attorney

Making the decision to put an elderly loved one in an assisted living facility or nursing home is not an easy one. For some older people, this may not be a choice, but rather a lifestyle. Regardless of why your elderly loved one is in a nursing home, security should be your primary concern. At […]

There are all kinds of witnesses who might get called by a skilled Orange County personal injury to testify at an elder abuse trial. One of the witnesses may be a liability expert who will be called to give evidence with regard to the standard of care and the procedures and policies that should be […]

elder abuse attorney

Southern California seniors face some scary issues. According to California’s Adult Protective Services department, elder abuse cases range in the hundreds each month across the state. However, the elderly have advocates in a group called the Elder Abuse Forensic Center. The Elder Abuse Forensic Center was founded in 2003 and continues to work for the […]