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personal injury lawyerOften times, elderly victims in cases of abuse or neglect do not know to whom they should turn or what, if any, legal action they can take. Recently, Southern California has seen a rise in the number of court cases that deal with nursing home and elderly abuse. Abuse and negligence involving the elderly can come in many different forms. Incidents at nursing and funeral homes have defrauded these victims out of a great deal of money, and the elderly have been targets of the theft of valuable items and money. Many have suffered serious injuries, and, in other cases, abuse and neglect have resulted in death.

It is important to protect the rights of seniors. The majority of those who care for the elderly do a tremendous job and are good, honest, hardworking and trustworthy people. However, it is imperative that anyone who suspects any abuse or neglect reports it to the proper authorities. If you personally suspect abuse of a senior, you can also contact elder abuse attorneys in Southern California who can assist you in notifying the proper authorities and help you recover damages on behalf of the injured elder. As a major supporter and believer in our elders and their rights, the Law Offices of Samer Habbas can be a great resource in obtaining information and receiving assistance regarding senior abuse cases.

If you or a close relative has suffered elder abuse in the Southern California, please call 1.888.848.5084 to contact the skilled and knowledgeable Samer Habbas elder abuse lawyers. We are available 24 hours a day to assist you and provide you with information for all of your legal needs.

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