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Southern California seniors face some scary issues. According to California’s Adult Protective Services department, elder abuse cases range in the hundreds each month across the state. However, the elderly have advocates in a group called the Elder Abuse Forensic Center.

elder abuse attorneyThe Elder Abuse Forensic Center was founded in 2003 and continues to work for the rights of the elderly. It investigates all kinds of abuse of seniors, including financial abuse committed by businesses that pursue predatory actions against seniors, physical abuse by caregivers or others and types of abuse often brought on parents by their children as they age and become less able to protect themselves.

From protecting seniors against the loss of their critical Social Security income to making sure they are not experiencing physical abuse at home or in nursing homes, the Elder Abuse Forensic Center advocates strongly for these Californians who need help. Recent reports show that the center continues to work with other advocacy groups to ensure that there is proper documentation of incidents of elder abuse that occur in all corners of the state.

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