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If California’s lawmakers pass a proposed expansion of the state’s hands-free phone law, bicyclists could join drivers in receiving tickets for talking or texting while riding on streets and highways throughout California. The sponsor of the bill, Sen. Joe Simitian, D-Palo Alto, believes very strongly that California’s hands-free bill, which took effect in 2008, should […]

When damages are awarded in a lawsuit, the purpose is to restore the plaintiff to the state that he or she was in prior to the defendant’s negligent acts.  California accident attorneys like Samer Habbas are very familiar with the elements of damages in lawsuits. There is a variety of different elements to consider, such […]

The purpose of a discrimination case is to recover damages sustained by a victim of discrimination and to discourage the defendant person or organization from discriminating against others in the future. However, pursuing a discrimination lawsuit is not an easy task. Like all personal injury lawsuits, it is upon the plaintiff, or lawyer filing the […]

  • August 2009
  • By Samer Habbas, Esq
  • In Dog Bites,

A recent story discussed the efforts of the United States Postal Service (USPS) to reduce dog bite injuries to its mail carriers. This story underlines the importance of understanding California’s laws regarding dog bite injuries and pet owner liability.While some other states will not hold the owner liable for the first biting incident (the […]


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