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Riverside Insurance Bad Faith Lawyer

Insurance Bad Faith ClaimWe find that many of our clients who seek our counsel about a dispute with an insurance company aren’t exactly sure about what constitutes insurance bad faith. They think they know, but they schedule consultations with us to answer their questions, clarify the situation, explain their rights and discuss their legal options. In the broadest sense, insurance bad faith occurs when an insurance company refuses to honor the terms of a policy they have written for an unreasonable or unjustifiable reason. This refusal manifests itself in many different ways. When it happens, our clients know they can rely on usto proactively protect their rights and, if necessary, aggressively litigate against the company acting in bad faith.

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Insurance Bad Faith Attorneys in Riverside Protecting the Interests of Our Clients

One of the first things we explain to a client who has come to us with questions about an insurance claim is that not every claim denial means that the company is acting in bad faith. While we are often quick to assume the worst, sometimes a claims adjuster may make a mistake while handling claims from many different clients. However, if it is clear that a denial is not a mistake and the company steadfastly denies a valid claim, an experienced attorney may be able to seek damages for breach of contract. This is quite different from insurance bad faith as a company acts in bad faith if they do the following:

  • Knowingly fail to honor their contractual obligations.
  • Unreasonably or unjustifiably deny payment on a claim
  • Know that their denial is unreasonable

Although the differences between breach of contract and bad faith may seem trivial to someone outside the legal profession, it can make a huge difference in how we prepare a case for a client. However, whether it is one or the other, our approach is always the same: We build effective cases that help our clients receive the compensation they deserve through a settlement or damages awarded in court.

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If you believe that a valid claim against your policy is being denied and your company is acting in bad faith, call The Law Offices of Samer Habbas at 888-848-5084 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case. We are not afraid to take on big insurance companies and their legal teams, and we will aggressively protect your rights and interests at all times. We have a proven record of success helping clients in these matters, and we will work hard and use all the resources of our firm to help you receive the compensation you deserve. Call us today, and put our experience and expertise to work for you and your case!


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