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Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyer

Aggressive, Experienced Riverside Wrongful Death Lawyer

Wrongful Death AttorneyWrongful death cases are some of the most difficult and emotionally charged situations that a family experiences. The knowledge that the death of a loved one was caused by negligence and could have been avoided adds to the grief. Our job as a Riverside wrongful death attorney is to explain California wrongful death laws, answer questions, outline the process of pursuing claims and, above all, listen carefully to the grieving family’s concerns. After the consultation, we have additional responsibilities to the family that include thoroughly investigating the circumstances surrounding the death, building an effective case and aggressively pursuing damages against the at-fault party. If a close family member has died and you have questions about your legal options, please contact us to schedule a free and confidential consultation.

Pursuing wrongful death claims is not about getting even; it’s about justice. Call us today at 888-848-5084 to schedule a consultation to discuss your case.

A Brief Explanation About the Wrongful Death Claims Process

California laws stipulate that if a person causes another person’s death, he or she can be subject to criminal prosecution and be sued for civil damages in a wrongful death lawsuit. There are many different situations where someone can be held liable for wrongful death damages, but some of the more common cases of negligence or willful intent include the following:

California wrongful death¬†laws clearly indicate who may pursue damages in a wrongful death lawsuit and the types of damages they may pursue. The victim’s spouse, children or parents bring most wrongful death lawsuits, but, in some cases, grandparents, nieces, nephews, common law or putative spouses and other relatives may pursue claims. Their relationship to the decedent is a key factor in the types of damages they can pursue, but most damages include loss of financial and emotional support, loss of companionship, mental anguish, present and future earnings of the decedent and others that your Riverside wrongful death lawyer can explain.

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No damages awarded in a civil suit or through a settlement can replace a loved one. How do you put a price tag on a life? The goal of wrongful death lawsuits is to provide financial support for the decedent’s family and help them now and in the future. While these cases are difficult, we have a proven record of success helping families receive the compensation they need and deserve. This helps them pay bills and meet other day-to-day concerns while they put their lives back together. If you believe that you have a wrongful death claim and want to learn more about your legal options, call The Law Offices of Samer Habbas at 888-848-5084 or fill out a contact form to schedule a consultation.


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