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Car Accident

Cars are a necessity of every day life. And with so many cars on the road, it only makes sense that you or a loved one will be involved in a car crash at some point in time. If and when you are involved in a car accident, it is important that you take every step to protect your legal rights and get the full compensation for both the injuries you suffer and your property damage.

One of the most important steps you should take after an accident is to hire an experienced Los Angeles car accident attorney. The misinformation from insurance companies keeps people from knowing the truth about how to properly handle car accident claims. One of these truths that often gets “lost in translation” is that accident victims are entitled to claiming the diminished value of a wrecked car after an accident.

Yes, You Have a Claim!

Most accident victims do not know that they have a diminished value claim against the negligent driver who caused the accident. Getting the diminished value of your car after a car wreck is hard work. To make sure you get the maximum diminished value claim you deserve, it is best to hire an experienced attorney.

Reasons Why People Avoid Diminished Car Value Claims

Below are some common reasons why many car accident victims avoid or simply do not fight for the compensation of the diminished value of their cars after an accident.

  • Lack of knowledge. Most people, even some inexperienced accident lawyers, do not know about seeking diminished value of their car as part of their accident claim.
  • Underestimation. Most accident victims already undervalue the value of their car after a crash. If you don’t know how much your car is actually worth, it is difficult to claim the right diminished value or even any at all.
  • Getting bullied by the insurance adjuster. Insurance adjusters only have the best interest of their pockets, not yours. As such, they will do and say anything to stop or prevent you from claiming all that you can as part of your accident claim, including the diminished value of your car.

The bottom line is that you should keep in mind that every dollar lost in the resale value of your car caused by the accident is money coming out of your pocket. And the person who caused the accident should pay for this, not you.

Contact an Experienced Los Angeles Car Accident Lawyer

At the Law Offices of Samer Habbas, our Los Angeles car accident attorneys are experienced in handling all types of auto accidents and getting our clients the compensation that they deserve, both for their property damage and the personal injuries they have suffered from the accident. For more information or to schedule a complimentary consultation with one of our lawyers, please call us at (888) 848-5084.

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