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Riverside Bicycle Accident Attorney

Experienced Riverside Bicycle Accident Attorneys

bicycle accident lawyerBicyclists in Riverside County don’t need any reminders about the dangers of riding on local streets and highways. Most of them have had at least one close call where a bicyclist┬áviolated their right-of-way and forced them to take evasive action. They’re the lucky ones as at least seven and as many as 15 bicyclists have died in bicycle accidents in Riverside County in recent years, and hundreds more experience severe injuries every year. Injured riders deserve to have an experienced, aggressive Riverside bicycle accident lawyer by their side to protect their rights, explain their legal options and help them receive the fair and just compensation they need. The damages awarded in a court award or received in a settlement are essential for paying medical bills and helping them recover from their injuries.

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You Have Just as Much Right to Use Streets and Highways as Drivers Do

Many drivers either don’t know or intentionally ignore the California law that states bicyclists have the same rights to area roadways as others do. Riders also have the same responsibilities to abide by the rules of the road and respect the rights-of-way of other vehicles. It is true that some bicyclists increase the chances of a vehicle striking them by weaving in and out of traffic, talking on cell phones, listening to music while riding or disobeying traffic signals and stop signs. However, negligent drivers cause the majority of bicycle accidents, injuries and fatalities when they do the following:

  • Fail to honor a cyclist’s right-of-way
  • Drive under the influence of alcohol or drugs
  • Talk or text on phones while driving
  • Crowd bicyclists off the road
  • Blow through stop signs and red lights
  • Change lanes without looking
  • Drive over the speed limit
  • Engage in road rage and intimidate riders with their vehicles

Contact an Aggressive Riverside Bicycle Accident Lawyer

Unlike attorneys at other law firms who interview clients and pass cases to junior members of the firm, we handle each case personally and give each client the individual attention he or she deserves. This has been central to our law practice from the very beginning and is why our clients choose us to represent them. We take our responsibilities to clients very seriously and work hard to help them receive the maximum compensation for their pain and suffering, lost time at work, medical expenses and other costs. If you have experienced injury in a bicycle accident and want to learn more about your legal options, fill out the contact form for a fast response or call our law offices of Samer Habbas today at 888-848-5084.


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