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$140,000 Broken Sidewalk Trip & Fall Settlement Against Kern County
Mojave, Calif. — Associate Attorney, Corbin Moore, of the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates, attained a $140,000 settlement for a trip and fall accident. Our client was walking along a sidewalk, when she tripped over uneven cement and fell to the ground. She sustained a fractured arm and endured recovery in physical therapy. Moore began to investigate the case to uncover who owned property of the sidewalk, who was responsible for the repair and maintenance, and whether there was any posted notice of uneven ground nearby the scene. 

After much research, it was ultimately determined that Kern county was the responsible party. Moore and his team pushed legal action against the county, making a case that this dangerous condition has been around years prior to our client’s fall. Moore provided evidence of multiple eye-witness government employees, who drive past that sidewalk on a daily basis. This supported Moore’s argument that it should have been known that this accident-prone condition existed and should have been fixed long before our client’s incident. 

The case was brought to mediation, where the county offered nothing going in. However, Moore and his team were able to settle the case for $140,000.


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