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Kern County, Calif. — The legal team at the Law Offices of Samer Habbas & Associates lands a $115,000 settlement for a premises liability case. The plaintiff was staying at a hotel in California City, where he decided to workout at the fitness center on the property. The mechanical bench press was defective as the bar rest was not secure. The plaintiff placed the 95-pound barbell onto the bar rest, when the weighted bar suddenly rolled off and fell onto his face. 
The plaintiff suffered a concussion, contusion to his forehead and a deep laceration from his right eye to the bridge of his nose. During his visit to the emergency room, he received stitches for his laceration and was prescribed medications for his pain. Over the next couple of months, the plaintiff was still complaining of headaches, neck and nasal pain. After a thorough examination, his primary physician diagnosed him with cephalgia (a distinctive syndrome of headaches, also known as cluster headache or migrainous neuralgia) and cervical spine sprain/strain.
The hotel’s failure to maintain and manage their premises, held a high risk of injury. They have a responsibility to prevent any unforeseeable risks of harm or danger to members of the public. The at-fault party overlooked their duty to repair or remove any dangerous conditions, which is what caused our client to suffer injuries at the hands of the property owners. Using an aggressive argumentative approach, the skilled legal team at the Law Offices of Samer Habbas was able to resolve the matter for $115,000.