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For the past couple of years, August has been the deadliest and most dangerous month on the road in the United States. According to a Hammockreport from insurance company and financial institution Nationwide, more car accidents and road fatalities happen during August than at any other time of the year in the country. According to the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS), approximately 21,000 people died in car crashes in August in the five-year span of 2012 to 2018 – more than any other month.

With these sobering statistics, it is important for motorists to be mindful of the increased risks during this month and take precautionary measures to keep themselves (and others) safe on the road. Below are some important tips on driving safe during the summer, especially during the notoriously dangerous month of August.

  •  Before You Go, Check Your Car

Before you get on the road, get your car serviced. Regular maintenance, such as tune-ups, tire rotations, and brake checks, go a long way in keeping your car safe and preventing accidents. It is also important to check for manufacturer recalls. You can check for recalls on your vehicle, here.

  • Stay Alert On the Road

Staying alert on the road is one of the most important safety tips you need to take while behind the wheel. Texting, checking emails, answering a phone call, changing the radio stations or even chatting with your passengers can easily divert your attention from the road. When you are not alert to road conditions, inclement weather or other motorists on the road can result in getting into a serious collision.

  • Do Not Drive Intoxicated

One of the most dangerous things to do is to get behind the wheel while intoxicated. Alcohol and drugs can impair your perception, judgment, motor skills, and memory. These are all critical skills for safe and responsible driving. Fatalities and serious injuries caused by impaired driving are preventable. Too many lives are tragically cut short in motor vehicle crashes involving alcohol and drug impaired driving.

  • Do Not Drive Recklessly

Another important tip for safe driving is to avoid driving recklessly. Be aware of your local traffic laws! You should always obey all posted speed limits, or drive slower if necessary based on weather or traffic conditions. 

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