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personal injury attorneyIn 2005, plaintiffs were victorious in 56% of all civil trials in state courts. Having a good personal injury lawyer no doubt plays an important in the success of a personal injury claim. Selecting the right personal injury attorney in Los Angeles is imperative in the outcome of your case. You need to select an attorney who will diligently investigate the case, and will represent your rights vigorously in court. Choosing the right lawyer can be the difference between getting defensed and obtaining a ruling in your favor.

This article discusses the qualities you should look for when choosing an attorney.


Do not underestimate this important characteristic! Hiring an experienced personal injury attorney in your particular area of the law is vital to your success.  When selecting an attorney, make sure he has successfully handled cases with similar fact patterns. The more positive experience the attorney has in handling lawsuit like yours, the more likely he will be in getting you the full compensation that you deserve.


The exact focus of the practice of your personal injury lawyer is key. It can make a big difference in the outcome of your lawsuit. A personal injury lawyer will have a specific set of skills when it comes to liability issues. For example, if your case involves a dog bite, it is best to seek an attorney who focuses his practice in this specific part of the personal injury field.


The reputation of your Los Angeles personal injury attorney can make a difference in the outcome of your case. A lawyer with a good reputation with other defense attorneys, as well as the insurance company and their adjusters, will be more likely to have a successful result. However, if your attorney does not have a good reputation, you may be not obtain the full damages that you deserve.


You should be sure that your lawyer is going to give your case the full attention that it deserves. One indicator is if the attorney personally meets with you during your consultation or if he passes you off to his staff.


This is a very important quality that is often overlooked during the attorney selection process. You do want to hire an attorney who has a personality that you cannot stand. Also, it is good to have a lawyer who is available for your questions. Lawyers who do not like to communicate with clients can be very problematic at crucial times in the case.

In summary, hiring the right personal injury attorney to assist you with your lawsuit will enhance your chances of winning your case. Do not rush through the selection process. Be certain that you are totally comfortable with your personal injury lawyer. Feel free to interview several attorneys and choose the one that best fits the above criteria.

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