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motorcycle accidentAlmost every state in the U.S. is looking critically at how to prevent or limit motorcycle accidents and injuries, but what kinds of practical obligations can really change the results for annual traffic injury and fatality statistics? The Insurance Institute for Highway Safety (IIHS) looks at relevant events and outcomes in traffic safety, and it has come up with some interesting results.

Recently, the IIHS has proposed an interesting change to state motorcycle laws. This is the addition of a key safety feature that has been built into most modern cars and trucks. The IIHS has been looking at requiring anti-lock brakes on motorcycles. Anti-lock brakes are a modern safety feature, and they help limit the spending of each wheel when the wheels lose contact with the road, i.e. in icy conditions.

Recent studies have found that having anti-lock brakes on motorcycles can lower the overall accident rate by almost 40 percent. This is driving the IIHS and other federal agencies to consider how this safety feature could improve our safety on the road and alleviate specific problems with collective auto insurance systems in each U.S. state.

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