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Personal Injury AttorneyIf you have been injured in a car crash, fall, or other accident, you may be entitled to compensation for income lost as a result of your injuries. An Irvine personal injury attorney will be able to calculate your full economic loss and advise you on what you are entitled to.

The most common type of lost income is past lost wages, i.e., wages that you were unable to earn because you were on sick leave from your job while you recovered. However, you may also be able to recover for lost future income if you have been forced into early retirement or if you have been forced to sell your business.

Early Retirement

Juries know that a severe injury can result in a worker’s life expectancy being shortened. Even after recovering, workers may suffer financial loss due to early retirement. When this occurs, your Irvine personal injury attorney will have your treating physician submit a report explaining whether your injury is permanent and what effect you can expect the injury to have on your working life in the future. The loss of work life expectancy is significant because it describes future losses that would occur at the end of your career, when your earning capacity would presumably be at its highest.

Business Owners

If you are a business owner, you may find that the injuries from your accident ultimately force you to sell a business or other significant asset prematurely. The amount lost in these cases in difficult to calculate, and will probably require the testimony of an economist or industry consultant.

If you or a loved one has been injured in an accident, contact Irvine personal injury attorney Samer Habbas today. The insurance company and opposing attorney will attempt to minimize the value of your claim. To protect your interests, call us at 888-848-5084. We will work to get you the full amount you deserve to compensate you for all losses caused by your injury. Your initial consultation is free of charge.