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Bus accident attorney LawyerA transit bus in Marina struck and severely injured a 51-year-old man who just survived an SUV rollover accident and was standing next to his overturned vehicle. A California Highway Patrol official said the victim went to Community Hospital of the Monterey Peninsula for treatment for a broken back, broken femur and multiple lacerations. The victim told police that he was driving his 1996 Toyota 4Runner northbound on Highway 1 around 5:20 a.m. when he saw brake lights ahead. He told officers he swerved to avoid a collision, which caused his SUV to roll over.

He said that his vehicle came to a stop in the far right lane, and when he got out, a Monterey-Salinas transit bus traveling in the center lane struck him. The victim told police that he didn’t remember getting out of his vehicle or being struck by the bus. A MST spokesperson said that the driver of the bus was receiving treatment for back pain and that none of the six passengers on the bus was injured. The bus driver said that he had to swerve to avoid striking the overturned SUV and struck the victim instead.

Given the severity of the victim’s injuries, he is probably facing multiple surgeries, a long and expensive stay in the hospital, and a lengthy physical rehabilitation regimen. Samer Habbas and other California bus accident lawyers help accident victims receive the compensation they deserve to help with medical expenses and the other costs of recovery. In the days following an accident, insurance companies often contact accident victims and pressure them to sign documents that they do not fully understand.

If you or someone you care for has been injured or lost in a bus accident, call 888.848.5084 before you sign anything and have the documents examined by Southern California bus accident attorney Samer Habbas. Mr. Habbas is an experienced Long Beach bus accident lawyer who protects his client’s rights at all times, offers free consultations, and works on a contingency fee basis.

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