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Elder abuse attorneyResources from the California State Bar Journal show that an apology can go a long way. Highlighting a recent case involving the Kent Hospital in Warwick, R.I., the feature article shows that a public apology from representatives of a medical care facility can help to compel victims of medical malpractice to settle rather than drag a case through the courts. The case of Michael Woods, 49, who died in the Rhode Island hospital, included a direct apology to family members from high-ranking hospital staff.

Medical malpractice attorneys in California look at issues like this one to evaluate how other medical malpractice cases will proceed towards just and adequate resolution. The thorny issue of knowing when to seek a settlement and when to press for a trial is one that skilled California attorneys often end up discussing with their clients, persuading them to act on what is ultimately in their best interests. Although the medical malpractice victim is responsible for making the decision, a professional lawyer can fully explain why settlement or a trial can actually be a much more desirable strategy for obtaining the compensation that victims and their families need.

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