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personal injury lawyerBefore your case goes to court, you will have to make a deposition, which is testimony given out of court. During their depositions, plaintiffs commonly make mistakes that can damage their own cases. If you have to give a deposition, here is a list of the 15 most common mistakes Orange County personal injury lawyers advise plaintiffs to avoid.

1. Lying.
2. Exaggerating symptoms, liability aspects, or loss of income.
3. Undermining your own testimony. E.g. prefacing all your answers with “Well, to be honest…”
4. Saying anything inconsistent with previous testimony.
5. Saying anything inconsistent with the testimony of another witness.
6. Making substantial mistakes in approximating time or distance when describing the details surrounding your claim.
7. Making substantial mistakes about the dates and times of your medical treatment.
8. Saying anything inconsistent with facts outlined in your own medical records.
9. Failing to admit partial responsibility in cases where it is obvious you are at least somewhat responsible for the incident.
10. Admitting responsibility for the incident when you are not responsible.
11. Trying to blame your physician or physical therapist for a mistaken diagnosis or unnecessary or unsatisfactory treatment.
12. Being rude to the opposing counsel.
13. Mishearing or misinterpreting a question by the opposing counsel and giving an inappropriate answer.

If you are involved in a personal injury case and may need to give a deposition, call Orange County personal injury lawyer Samer Habbas at 888-845-5084 for a free consultation.