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One of the most common types of nursing home abuse is sexual abuse. Unfortunately, elderly nursing home residents become an easy prey for sexual predators because they are often weak and unable to protect themselves or speak due to a medical condition or side effects of medication. Our nursing home sexual abuse attorneys can help […]

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When you become ill or are involved in an accident, you trust that your doctors, nurses and the staff at the hospital will provide you with professional and caring medical treatment. Although the majority of healthcare professionals never engage in criminal or unprofessional actions, there are countless cases of reported sexual abuse at the hands […]

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We entrust our most precious assets, our children, every morning to teachers and other school employees. In fact, many children spend more time with their schoolteachers than with their own parents. However, this trust has been sorely misplaced as stories of sexual assault and sexual abuse at the hands of teachers and administrators surface in […]


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